The Lesbrary is a book blog that showcases lesbian and bisexual women books. I created it in 2010, and it has been active ever since, posting all the latest bi and lesbian lit news and reviews. We get approximately 10,000 views a month, and have more than 20,000 followers on our associated tumblr.

I manage a rotating team of about a dozen reviewers from around the world, including librarians from New York, Vancouver, and North Carolina, and contributors from England and Australia. Each submits a review a month of queer women books in every genre.

The Lesbrary has been added to the U.S. Library of Congress’s LGBTQ+ Studies Web Archive to preserve it as an important LGBTQ+ historical record. It has also been quoted by Publisher’s Weekly and School Library Journal.

The Lesbrary is also on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to support the Lesbrary and its related content, check out my Patreon, where $10 and up Patrons get queer books in the mail throughout the year!